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Vol 2: The Capricious Woman

Words pour from her mouth like verbal diarrhea. It’s as if every single thought that comes into her head is immediately said out loud. She can’t help it. Something sinister and dark inside has taken hold and prevents her from keeping her horrendous past a secret. Something compels her to tell every single person she meets. And yet, despite her confessions to her own insane ways, she walks free without consequence, nor judgement. Her tale is a fascinating one of how a woman can lose her mind, tear apart her own world, and still maintain everything that makes her unique and vulnerable. Looking at her, one wouldn’t think such depths of evil lie inside. Her blond locks and perfectly manicured nails serve as a sort of shell that barely contains the bastard lying within. After a night with her, you will learn three major things: she had a prolapsed anus which has been sewn up by a local doctor, she has many friends whom she constantly abuses, whether verbally or physically, and that she murdered her boyfriend at the Grand Canyon. The Capricious Woman has designs on being a reporter, at least this week. This could easily change. She is the kind of person who changes her mind constantly, even if she wears the same clothes every single day. She has no direction, no course for her life, and yet she lives it with such joie de vivre that it’s hard not to fall under her spell. Perhaps this is why nothing has been done about her crimes. When one meets her, they are pulled in by her dulcet southern tones and charm. She is very friendly and outgoing, bringing everyone into her circle immediately to learn more about them. She asks probing questions which makes a person feel like she cares. But what many dismiss or don’t see is her immediate desire to play with whoever is in her web. The first thing that she finds interesting about a person becomes a focus, as she needles hard into that. Whether it be the way a person looks, talks, or a subject they are talking about. This desire to play with her food is only overshadowed by her own primal urges to do whatever she feels like in the moment. It’s as if her id has taken over her entire persona, except it only rules her mouth and her fists. It makes her powerful and attractive to so many. And yet despite all this aggressive behavior, there is a strange warmth about her. Even when striking them with her fists, she is deeply loyal to her friends. And somehow they are deeply loyal to her as well. No one walks away from the Capricious Woman. No one tries to turn her in for the murder that she loves to talk about. Is this because of the nature of Los Santos, where the citizens are so jaded that confessions of homicide are met with blank stares or congratulations? Or it is because she has a certain something about her that makes everyone want to protect her? She will make herself known, and no doubt in time, she will be one of the biggest names in the city. The Capricious Woman is ever changeable, always wanting that next big thing to set her apart from the rest. And perhaps one day she’ll find it, allowing the personal demons inside to rest finally.

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