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Brimstone and Bloodshed:

Tales of Los Santos

Brimstone and Bloodshed is a series of stories about Los Santos and her citizens by a variety of authors. These tales, which are based on true events, are often dark in nature and may contain disturbing ideas and concepts, even illegal activities but will likely be embellished for emphasis. Some authors may choose to be anonymous due to the nature of their subject matter. 

This collection of stories is managed by LSBN writer, Ursula Leichenberg. If you are interested in submitting a story, please contact her at (415) 709-0964

(OOC Note: This site has been created to enhance the experience of NoPixel players and viewers. This is an out of game reference to show what characters should have access to within the game and allow viewers to gather and read these stories in their own time.)

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Vol 8: The Apology

Pain begets pain. An action, unknown, not thought out, creates hurt. Sometimes that emotional injury is too hard to bear, too difficult...

Vol 7: The Ginger Stranger

This isn't his story. It's yours, Los Santos. Take a hard look inside yourselves, and see the twisted paths that lead people to cross...

Vol 6: Choices

You stand before the enemy. The person who has been bullying you for a long time, making you feel like shit for no reason other than you...

Vol 5: The Delusional Man

He rarely says much of consequence. His truths seem like lies and his lies seem like truth. The Delusional Man is all over the place,...

Vol 4: A Melancholy Interlude

How does one stare into the void? What do you do? When everything stretches into nothing and there is both silence and screaming at the...

Vol 3: The Racer

There is a dread felt when you hears the words, “I don’t exactly own this car” from your driver, as the police lights flash up behind...

Vol 1: The Infinity Killer

His eyes had no emotion in them as he spoke about his past, about what brought him to this penitentiary. You could see that nothing...

Vol 2: The Capricious Woman

Words pour from her mouth like verbal diarrhea. It’s as if every single thought that comes into her head is immediately said out loud....

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